Assessing dog health through coat condition -owner information.

If you wish to assess the condition of your dog’s health,here is a very simple test you can do.


  • Put your hand on the dogs’s head between his/her ears when he/she is in a                     standing position.


  •   Feel the softness of the coat /hair /fur under your hand.


  •   Now run your same hand down the back of your dog on the mid line region and note how the softness or coarseness of the fur changes.


  •   The coat/fur  should be soft all the way down to the tail. (Excepting coarse coat breeds such as the Airedale).

Soft fur  indicates good state of health.


  •   If the coat/fur is coarse especially just above the tail and mid line of the back, then the chances are that you have an  underlying health problem is high…..